Reasons to buy from Loose Diamond Exchange

At Loose Diamond Exchange, we know that there are millions of company’s out there for you to choose your diamond from. We have provided you a list of reasons why we think you should buy from us. Every reason that we have listed below is respected and treated equally.

We hope that these reasons listed below are satisfactory to you in having you buy from us:
Loose Diamond Exchange is dedicated to delighting you with your certified loose diamond purchase and their services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
Loose Diamond Exchange offers free shipping (requires minimum) and money back guarantee (see return policy)
You can sign up for Loose Diamond Exchange mailing list and receive promotions, news, and much more 
One of Loose Diamond Exchange major goals is to make sure that customers are fully educated about diamonds and the website provides a lot of information for them 
Low overhead, meaning, we can supply you with low prices on certified loose diamonds and fine diamond jewelry
Under no circumstances does Loose Diamond Exchange sell or rent your personal information to other businesses or third parties 
Loose Diamond Exchange insures your product from our facility until it gets delivered to your destination Loose Diamond Exchange use secure server technology to keep your personal information – including your billing and account information – as secure as possible
Loose Diamond Exchange offers great customer service and diamond consultants to help you in your diamond purchase 
Loose Diamond Exchange is a growing company that puts customers first in mind 
Loose Diamond Exchange is working on becoming a publicly traded company, meaning, giving you the customer, ease and knowing that you are buying from a reputable company. Project date for IPO (Initial Public Offering) is still undetermined and will notify customers and investors at appropriate time 
We exhibit approximately 35,000 certified loose diamonds and have access to approximately over 100,000 diamonds. The inventory that we have displayed on the internet is valued at approximately $225 Million dollars and our access inventory is valued at approximately $600 Million dollars
Expect our loose diamonds to be of high quality from our finest manufactures in the industry 
Guaranteed a wide selection of certified loose diamonds at a discount price 
At Loose Diamond Exchange you may check the status of your order at all times, via e-mail or toll-free number