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Diamond Certificates

The diamond certificate is a statement issued by an independent gemological laboratory that the diamond being evaluated has been examined by an experienced diamond grader. Loose Diamond Exchange strongly recommend you buying a diamond that is accompanied with a diamond certificate. We only sell diamonds that are accompanied with a certificate. GIA, EGL USA and AGS independent gemological laboratories are more accurate and reputable labs that we recommend and sell. There are other independent laboratories out there that are accompanied with a diamond but we recommend GIA, EGL USA and AGS laboratories. If you are interested in a diamond that is not accompanied with a diamond certificate, have a jeweler send it out to a reputable independent gemological laboratory to have it examined by an experienced diamond grader so that the diamond would have its own unique characteristic. With this being done, you would be able to always identify your diamond. Some of the characteristics that are shown on the diamond certificate are as listed: shape, measurements, weight, color, clarity, proportions, finish, and fluorescence as seen in the diamond while being evaluated using various high-tech gemological instruments. Listed below is information to help you understand and be more familiar with GIA, EGL USA and AGS diamond laboratories that we offer and respect. Please take the time and visit the diamond laboratory websites by clicking on their images below for further information.

Loose Diamond Exchange recommends you buying a diamond that is accompanied with a GIA, EGL USA, or AGS diamond certificates. Loose Diamond Exchange provides cheap GIA certified loose diamonds, discount loose diamonds and low cost high quality diamonds; learn why a diamond grading report from a reputable GIA, EGL USA, and AGS grading laboratory is important.


Gemological Institute of America. The world’s largest and most respected independent laboratory. GIA was established in 1931, which provides a certificate with each diamond after being graded. Starting in 2006, any round brilliant diamond being taking into the GIA laboratories for grading will have a diamond cut grade characteristic. This cut grade would be provided on the certificates for round brilliant diamonds only. GIA is dedicated to serving the diamond industry as well as educating the public about diamonds.


EGL USA is one of the largest and oldest independent gemological institutions focusing on gemstone certification and research. Originally part of an international network founded in Europe in 1974, EGL USA opened its first U.S. lab in the heart of New York's international diamond and jewelry district in 1977. Today the EGL USA Group has laboratories in New York City, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto. EGL USA is not affiliated with any other EGL labs outside North America. Every certificate issued by our lab states "A member of the EGL USA Group." Certificate numbers are preceded by either "US" or "CA," to indicate country of origin and to provide consumers the assurance that their certificate has been issued by a member of the EGL USA Group. In 1999 EGL USA initiated a Research Department to respond to the changing needs of the jewelry industry. It is one of only a few labs worldwide doing advanced research in gemology.


American Gemological Laboratory. AGS has its own grading scale and cut grading system for round cut diamonds. AGS was founded in 1934 and is known for Ideal round cut diamonds. AGS is the first laboratory to issue a cut grade for fancy shapes and they set high standards on grading diamonds. Listed below is a chart of their grading scale.

These reports are accompanied with the diamonds to assure customers information on the diamonds being purchased. They are not a guarantee, valuation or appraisal, due to that these reports are tested, examined and analyzed by professional representative’s opinions from these respected laboratories. The reports contain characteristics of the diamond being graded and have made no representation or warranty regarding the report or diamond being described. For further information, please read reports when received.


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