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The clarity refers to the existence of inclusions in a diamond. Each diamond contains a unique internal characteristic; which is also known as inclusion. Inclusions are natural identifying characteristics that are included within the diamond as they were formed in nature. Blemishes are inclusions that are external. When a diamond is being graded for its clarity under a 10X magnification, the size, nature of the inclusion, color of the inclusion, location, and quantity are taking into measure to determine which clarity grade that diamond will receive. The clarity of a diamond is rated using a scale that contains letters and numbers that clearly indicate which type of clarity rating that diamond will be assigned. Listed below is a clarity chart of GIA & AGS Laboratories.

GIA Clarity Chart:

FL: Flawless
Free from internal and external flaws (very rare)

IF: Internally Flawless
Free from internal flaws, may contain external characteristics that can be easily polished out without affecting the diamond

VVS1: Very, Very Slight Inclusions
The table if free of inclusions and it’s very difficult to locate under 10X magnification

VVS2: Very, Very Slight Inclusions
Small imperfections located anywhere in the diamond

VS1: Very Slight Inclusions
The table is only allowed the smallest inclusions and small flaws throughout the rest of the diamond

VS2: Very Slight Inclusions
Very small internal flaws and small external imperfection

SI1: Slight Inclusions
Small internal flaws, eye clean diamond

SI2: Slight Inclusions
Small internal flaws which are detectable under a 10X magnification, could also be a eye clean diamond

I1: Inclusions
Flaws that can be detected easily under a 10X magnification and sometimes to the naked eye, difficult to see while observing with the naked eye in some cases

I2: Inclusions
Enormous and a lot of flaws, can be detected by the naked eye

I3: Inclusions
Enormous and a lot of flaws, can easily be detected by the naked eye

AGS Clarity Chart:

0 => Flawless / Internal Flawless (FL/IF)

1 => Very, Very Slight Inclusions (VVS1)

2 => Very, Very Slight Inclusions (VVS2)

3 => Very Slight Inclusions (VS1)

4 => Very Slight Inclusions (VS2)

5 => Slight Inclusions (SI1)

6 => Slight Inclusions (SI2)

7 => Inclusions (I1)

8 => Inclusions (I2)

9 => Inclusions (I2)

10 => Inclusions (I3)

*GIA & AGS laboratories have professional diamond graders that grade the diamond for its clarity; there are approximately a minimum of two diamond graders that grade and examine the diamond. The diamond is carefully examined by professionals and we here at Star Facets respect GIA & AGS diamond graders. The clarity of the diamond has a little or no effect of the overall appearance of a diamond. The only time you have to start to worry about the look and clarity of the diamond is when you start searching diamonds in the lower grades, I1 and lower. What makes the diamond beautiful is the way the diamond was cut.

If you have any further questions about clarity, please send us an e-mail at inquiry@loosediamondexchange.com or call toll-free at 877-732-2387 and a diamond consultant can be of further assistant to you.
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