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Diamonds come in all form of shapes. The most common and popular shape is round and all the other diamond shapes are called “Fancy Shape”. There are many shapes of diamonds that exist today and each one has its own unique touch that catches the consumer’s eye. Loose Diamond Exchange provides and sells 11 different diamond shapes. Listed below are visuals of the diamond shapes with brief factual information on the diamond shapes.

The most common and popular shape is round and all the other shapes are called fancy shape diamonds. Learn about diamond shape, round cut brilliant shape, princess shape, emerald shape, radiant shape, oval shape, pear shape, marquise shape, heart shape, asscher shape, cushion shape and trillion shape at Loose Diamond Exchange. Pick your discount certified loose diamond shape at Loose Diamond Exchange and buy today in Houston.

Round Princess Emerald Radiant Oval Pear
Marquise Heart Asscher Cushion Trillion  

Round diamonds set the standards for the most popular diamond offered on the market and they are circular shaped. Round diamonds display the most brilliance, sparkle, fire out of all the diamonds. Due to the proportion that this diamond has to offer, it is said that round diamonds are higher priced then other diamonds.
Princess diamonds have 4 sharp edges that have a square shape. Princess diamonds also come in a rectangular shape and they produce a lot of sparkle. Princess diamonds don’t have as much brilliance as due round diamonds but for a square shape, they give out enormous sparkle. When setting a princess shape diamond, you need to assure that the prongs on the setting are securing the 4 sharp edges on the diamond due to the risk of chipping the edges.
Emerald diamonds are classy rectangular shaped with cut corners. It has step cut facets and higher quality emerald diamonds are recommended. The emerald diamond has less sparkle then the traditional round diamond, but it carries its own unique sparkle and elegant look.
Marquise diamonds are in a shape of a football; an elongated shape with pointed ends. This diamond is extremely gorgeous when displayed as a solitaire.
Radiant diamonds are truly a unique diversified diamond. This square or rectangular shaped diamond displays clipped off corners like emeralds diamonds with the brilliance of a round diamond. The preferred look for a radiant diamond would be the square shape.
Asscher diamonds are very unique diamonds which have deeper step cut facets than emerald diamonds. Asscher diamonds are usually octagonal in shape or a square shape with angles. This diamond shape gives you a true tour of how a diamond looks inside and high quality is recommended.
Oval diamonds have an elliptical shape to them. They are soft spoken diamonds that have a glassy look. Oval diamonds can have a better brilliant than other diamonds when proportioned well.
Pear diamonds have a tear drop shape; they are usually displayed in pendants. This unique shape reflects light very well when the diamond is proportioned well.
Heart diamonds are almost like pear shaped diamonds with a cleft shape on the top. Heart diamonds are the most distant symbol of love.
Cushion diamonds are sometimes referred to as pillow shaped. This diamond has a square and sometimes a rectangular shape with rounded corner as well as deep cuts with large facets. Cushion diamonds are unique and elegant in its own because of the limited people that request and wear this diamond.
Trillion diamonds are triangle shaped which are also called Trilliants. This diamond has a lot of brilliant for a triangle shaped diamond. It has 3 points which can either be pointed or more rounded corned. Trillion diamonds are used in two ways: as a diamond accent in fine jewelry or as a solitaire, either way shows the brilliant of this diamond.

If you have any further questions about diamond shapes, please send us an e-mail at inquiry@loosediamondexchange.com or call toll-free at 877-732-2387 and a diamond consultant can be of further assistant to you.
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